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We design and deliver masterclasses, workshops, courses and coaching programmes for (management) teams seeking to become more influential and successful in this age of disruptive change. We focus on building effective leadership both locally and internationally. We work successfully in a wide variety of corporate, national and social cultures.

Janet Poot also provides personal executive coaching to leaders and she is invited to be a guest speaker on topics in her book, ‘A Different Kind of Leader’.

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Executives are expected to be visionary leaders, masters at simplifying complex issues, inspirational drivers of change, charismatic communicators, strategic and externally focused thinkers and the most influential of networkers. A challenging list!

We assist managers to excel in specific areas and to increase their influence where most needed both nationally and across borders. We coach in both English and Dutch.

If coachees are based in different countries we offer a combination of telephone sessions, e-learning modules and assignments.

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About A Different Kind of Leader

What is the relevance of leaders in a world in which traditional business models are losing ground and innovation is driven more and more by cross functional, self-managed teams?

A Different Kind of Leader, in this Age of Disruption, provides valuable insights for leaders who wish to increase their influence and facilitate ongoing progress in a disruptive, digitalised world. In A Different Kind of Leader the reader becomes involved in reflecting on a range of current-day developments and is prompted to make choices.

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Lana van der Spiegel-Breytenbach

The author, Janet Patricia Poot, has crafted an exceptional book for leaders. It is filled with powerful observations, motivational insights and learnings and should find its place not only in the board room or HR department but also on the desks of colleagues, clients and academia.


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