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We excel in leadership consulting to make companies more resilient and appealing to all stakeholders! We work across borders and cultures as we facilitate companies’ successful growth. We invite you to page through our website for a quick impression of who we are and what we deliver.

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The themes we focus on

In a world of talent scarcity, offering the right circumstances to employees to develop their talents and to adapt to new circumstances will become an organisation’s greatest competitive advantage. Making the right strategic choices will determine the longevity of the company.

With new team structures and the use of artificial intelligence on the rise, organisational agility is a number one requirement. Therefore, managers will need to adapt their own management styles, focus and choices to meet new standards.

It is this ongoing development that ensures organisations remain or become attractive employers and business partners.


Our purpose:

  • To build resilient leadership and robust organisations by sharing practical insights with our clients and giving guidance for accelerated and effective change.
  • To be your partner on your journey to complying with the EU accessibility act that comes into force in 2025. We are experts in creating inclusive communication which is no longer a nice-to-have option. It is a legal requirement and financial opportunity for companies of all sizes.

Everything needs to be quicker, lighter, more resilient and more inclusive than in any preceding decade.


About A Different Kind of Leader

What is the relevance of leaders in a world in which traditional business models are losing ground and innovation is driven more and more by cross functional, self-managed teams?

A Different Kind of Leader, in this Age of Disruption, provides valuable insights for leaders who wish to increase their influence and facilitate ongoing progress in a disruptive, digitalised world. In A Different Kind of Leader the reader becomes involved in reflecting on a range of current-day developments and is prompted to make choices.

Lana van der Spiegel-Breytenbach

The author, Janet Patricia Poot, has crafted an exceptional book for leaders. It is filled with powerful observations, motivational insights and learnings and should find its place not only in the board room or HR department but also on the desks of colleagues, clients and academia.

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