About JPC

What our clients say about us.

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I signed up for the program « EBRD Advice for Small Businesses in Lebanon.” I had the pleasure to attend two courses developed and delivered by Ms. Janet Poot. The topics were “Change Management for Consulting,” and “Organizational Governance for Consultants in Lebanon.” I enjoyed the four-day ONLINE training classes because Janet communicated her experience and knowledge in a very smooth and in-depth manner! I truly appreciated how she connected with us. She was a natural. Her language, pronunciation, voice tone, and smile were truly appreciated! She is professional, respectful, friendly, a good listener, and she can cater to any question using her extensive practice and knowledge. I am looking forward to many other training sessions with Ms. Poot.

Carole Assaf

While working with Ms Poot you will experience a unique advantage – a lot of research you have gone through the years of hard work transforms into a wider, more meaningful picture. Her unique, almost invisible guidance will help you see much clearer how complex business phenomena relate to each other and inspire you to act with more confidence and certainty.
Such transformative support is going to change the way you approach the problems thus pushing you further in your success path.

Daniel Tavcioski

Thank you also for being so organized and efficient, you’ve already become a benchmark among our consultants and trainers… If my calculations are correct, you got an overall score of 5.9 out of 6, which is a record for Romania! (and well deserved).

Alina Marchis

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development invited me to online training, as part of the EU-funded Advice for Small Businesses program our trainer was Ms. Poot. Ms. Poot, the training was conducted with a Swiss timing and regularity, the documentation and presentation material was professionally prepared to focus on the subject despite the disparity and the specialization of the audience. We appreciated very much the level of the intellectual intelligence provided to us and your sense of motivation in a very depressing circumstance due to the local situation and the pandemic in Lebanon. I sincerely also appreciate your sense of a very good diplomatic answers and with correct advise despite the cultural and geographical location, since the Levant region is very complex.

Claude Khayat

I want to thank you for accepting to be our trainer, even if you had to make many exceptions. It was a real pleasure meeting you, We received only positive feedback from our participants and I can`t wait to have you again for the next training.

Ioana Frenţiu

Our Expertise

JPConsulting International BV (‘JPC’) is a boutique, internationally focused agile company established by Janet Poot to make a difference in the world of international leadership, organisational effectiveness and optimal accessibility.

As communication and leadership experts, we develop leadership programmes, advise on change processes and optimise the accessibility of your communication in accordance with the European Accessibilty Act.

We take into account the external speed of change, (new) legislation and demanding market requirements. We guarantee quality and relevance of what we provide to different company cultures, objectives and phases of development. Together with her business partner, Caroline Allertz, Janet has built JPC’s reputation enabling JPC to acquire assignments in different parts of the world.
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Our added value:

  • We have gained our formal knowledge and practical experience in multiple countries and sectors and keenly share new and tested practices with you.
  • Our services are modular and designed to bring visible and measurable benefits.
  • We evaluate, advise, deliver and in each phase we highlight new and practical opportunities.
  • Ultimately, our work improves your bottom-line results.

How we work

We apply a hybrid work model. We work face-to-face with clients and also cooperate effectively via diverse platforms for quick and effective progress.

Our areas of expertise complement each other. We help you to effectively strengthen your (international) leadership capacity and we ensure your company’s communication meets the highest standards in a rapidy changing environment. Inclusive and accessible communication are what will set your company apart in a highly competitive world.

We have a strong external focus; we monitor external developments and emerging trends. We zoom in on the essence of changes and their benefits. This allows us to help our clients reposition themselves for new business opportunities.

Why work with us?


We use suitable strategies, models and approaches to excel in a world that has become intolerant of more of the same. We provide practical leadership development to ensure leaders are equipped with the knowledge and skills required to lead in a disruptive and digitalised world. You may also count on us for unparalleled guidance in meeting new legislative requirements that ensure all your means of communication are easily accessible to a diverse audience.

What can you call us for?

  • Solid advice, shared on an individual level or in small (executive) groups.
  • Knowledge sharing via workshops or online programmes. Please refer to menu button ‘themes’.
  • An assessment of your company’s accessibility, followed by efficient guidance to ensure your communication is worthy of the status ‘accessible’. Please visit our page on Accessibilty.
  • Our Team:

    Janet Poot

    Change & Strategic
    Leadership Consultant

    Janet is the founder of JPConsulting International (JPC).

    After establishing and running an international marketing company (Excelda International BV) for many years, Janet moved into the field of international leadership consulting. In her entrepreneurial marketing career, she had managed a company with 2 branch offices abroad, an international workforce and assignments in 12 countries. At that time, she observed issues her multinational clients faced in their business dealings across borders and in their negotiations with diverse cultures. This triggered her desire to help senior managers become more influential and successful both locally and internationally. This become Janet’s new direction in her career.

    She prepared in the United States for a career in the field of leadership development and consulting. Janet established her company JPConsulting International BV (JPC) for this purpose and has to-date worked in multiple countries giving workshops, advising on change management practices and corporate governance frameworks. She is accustomed to working with different national and corporate cultures, from highly democratic to highly hierarchical organisational structures.
    She recently obtained the American certificate for audio description.

    She is the author of ‘A Different Kind of Leader and until recently a long-term board director of the Netherlands British Chamber of Commerce.
    Her mothertongue is English as she has South African roots and living in the Netherlands, she is bilingual.

    Caroline E. Allertz

    Career Counsellor and

    Caroline has a legal background and worked as a lawyer and legal advisor before moving into the field of career counselling and coaching. Assisting professionals to make the right choices in their career paths based on their talents, interests and skills has become an important part of her professional life as an accredited career counsellor. She has worked with international companies in a variety of sectors, ranging from health care and financial institutions to commercial organisations.

    Caroline’s expertise includes mediation and coaching in the field of personal effectiveness. Her international background is an asset when working with clients of different nationalities and ethnicity.

    She is the chairman of the supervisory board of Rabobank Gooi & Vechtstreek, the Netherlands. As a commissioner her key are of specialisation is corporate governance.

    She joined forces with Janet to contribute to the development of leadership programmes and to co-drive the process of helping companies meet the legal requirement to make their products and services accessible to a large market, including people with disabilities.


    Our Clients:

    Our clients are organisations in the private and public sectors.
    We are proud of our track record of assignments for companies with a global presence.


    Janet Poot has carried out leadership development & consultancy assignments in various cities, stretching from London, Birmingham & Oxford university to Amsterdam, Brussels, Antwerp, Sofia, Bratislava, Tirana, Belgrade, Tbilisi, Skopje, Yerevan, Chisinau, Madrid and Beirut. We have also run online workshops for consultants in Egypt, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Croatia and Mongolia.

    The sectors in which Janet has completed or has ongoing assignments are:
    Aviation / Financial / Legal / Convention Centres / Ministries / Manufacturing / Print /
    IT / Trade Organisations / Consultancy / Metrology / International Development /
    Higher education.