Business Themes

Our areas of focus are interrelated and provide a strong agenda of development for managers in every economic sector.

We focus on 4 key business themes:

  • Accessible & Strategic Communication.
  • Progressive & Inclusive Leadership.
  • Executive Leadership for Women.
  • Corporate Governance & EU Green Deal compliance.

Accessible & Strategic Communication

Accessible communication and marketing are essential in fast-paced, diverse and complex business environments. Communication must be impactful in content and presentation and accessible to all users and recipients. 

We advise on topics such as:

  • Accessible internal and external documentation and communication.
  • Aligning communication with the company’s mission and objectives.
  • Intercultural communication skills.
  • Advanced negotiation skills.
  • Communicating remotely and smart use of technology.

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Progressive & Inclusive Leadership

There is a demand for progressive leadership in our world that is currently characterised by a distance economy, volatility, shortage of talent, digitalisation and unexpected partnerships. Business as usual is not an option and neither is leadership as usual. Our current reality is calling for an effective response. 

We advise on topics such as:

  • Setting direction.
  • Achieving broad-based diversity.
  • Upgrading business processes.
  • Redesigning the business model and developing supporting strategies.
  • Building resilient supply chains.
  • Strengthening key resources.
  • Modern team and intergenerational leadership.
  • Key account management.

Executive Leadership for Women

Organisations that have women well-presented in the board and management roles outperform organisations in which women are underrepresented in senior positions. We have had years of experience in advising and guiding women in their careers. We focus on building their awareness of potential pitfalls and opportunities. 

Our topics include:

  • Personal profiling and positioning.
  • Horizontal and vertical leadership.
  • Glass ceiling and glass cliff.
  • Identifying and dealing with biases.
  • Process renewal.

Corporate Governance

Effective governance is the key driver of success in highly competitive environments. We advise on topics that make companies more resilient and attractive to all stakeholders. 

  • Designing and implementing the pillars of organisational governance.
  • Achieving effective DEI&A practices.
  • Building a strong reputation through an effective ESG agenda.
  • New stakeholder management.
  • Corporate governance and family-run businesses.
  • Developing a governance operating model.
  • Complying with the new EU Sustainability Reporting Standards (E.S.R.S).