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“While working with Ms Poot you will experience a unique advantage – a lot of research you have gone through the years of hard work transforms into a wider, more meaningful picture. Her unique, almost invisible guidance will help you see much clearer how complex business phenomena relate to each other and inspire you to act with more confidence and certainty. Such transformative support is going to change the way you approach the problems thus pushing you further in your success path.”
Daniel Tavcioski, CMC – Business Development Consultant – Belgrade, Serbia

“The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development invited me to online training, as part of the EU-funded Advice for Small Businesses program our trainer was Ms. Poot. Ms. Poot, the training was conducted with a Swiss timing and regularity, the documentation and presentation material was professionally prepared to focus on the subject despite the disparity and the specialization of the audience. We appreciated very much the level of the intellectual intelligence provided to us and your sense of motivation in a very depressing circumstance due to the local situation and the pandemic in Lebanon. I sincerely also appreciate your sense of a very good diplomatic answers and with correct advise despite the cultural and geographical location, since the Levant region is very complex.”
Claude Khayat, Managing Director at Nedco – Beirut, Lebanon

“Thank you also for being so organized and efficient, you’ve already become a benchmark among our consultants and trainers… If my calculations are correct, you got an overall score of 5.9 out of 6, which is a record for Romania! (and well deserved)”
Alina Marchis, Analyst at European Bank for Reconstruction & Development – Bucharest, Romania

“I want to thank you for accepting to be our trainer, even if you had to make many exceptions. It was a real pleasure meeting you, We received only positive feedback from our participants and I can`t wait to have you again for the next training.”
Ioana Frenţiu, Analyst SME Finance & Development, EBRD, Bucharest, Romania

A Different Kind of Leader - Online programme

A Different Kind of Leader is an online programme consisting of 4 modules. It provides valuable insights for business people who wish to increase their influence and facilitate ongoing progress in a disruptive, digitalized world. There is not just one correct way of leading people, transitions, projects or processes but to succeed today certain new expectations will have to be met in each of these roles.

What is the relevance of leaders in a world in which traditional business models are losing ground and innovation is driven more and more by cross functional, self-managed teams? This course opens the door to a different purpose and way of leading.

New organizational models, open workforces, changing team formats, talent scarcity, the use of advanced technology, broad-based diversity and continuously changing expectations are just some of the areas and circumstances that test our adaptability, resourcefulness and ability to drive progress.

The masterclass objectives, contents and method of delivery are all aimed at ensuring you leave the course feeling energised to put new insights, that are applicable to your circumstances, into practice. Practical steps, methods and tools will be shared to facilitate meaningful change and progress.

Course objectives, course contents, course dates and more:

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Embracing Change

We have developed an online change management programme for executives, middle managers and business owners. We send all participants an intake form and use their valuable input to finetune our ‘Embracing Change’ programme and ensure that the content covers topics that are of key importance to them.

  • Change Management online course : 4 modules, max 12 participants
  • Change Management masterclass: 1 module, max 15 participants
  • Change Management webinar: max 35 participants

Main features:

  • Contents adapted to the profile of our participants
  • Interaction – Q&A, polls, discussion groups, breakout sessions
  • Knowledge sharing between participants; networking benefits