What do AI, Search Engine Optimisation and Accessibility have in common?

Adapting your digital communication for persons with sight loss will, as an additional benefit, increase your SEO and enable AI to read your website without hurdles. If parts of your website cannot be read by screen readers then AI can’t read them properly either. Images with no or irrelevant descriptions (alt text) reduce your SEO. To put it positively: A clear structure to your website with all elements accessible will allow AI to optimally extract information for ChatGPT and other AI services.

Companies have a moral and legal obligation to provide accessible digital information for persons with a disability. The right thing to do from an ethical point of view is also the right thing to do commercially. SEO is the golden ticket to being found online by customers and investors. Perhaps this will provide you with an extra incentive to ensure that your company’s digital communication is accessible to persons with a disability.

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Janet & JPC Accessibility Team