The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated our plans to deliver online leadership and consulting programmes. We transitioned to this new way of working in recent months. The art has been to find a way to provide the best possible quality and added value that would come extremely close to the value we provide in office environments and hotel conference rooms. Regular webinars were not the solution for us as one-directional lectures alone do not give participants something they enjoy so much; the valuable exchange of experiences and insights between fellow participants.

Our clients in the travel and events industry were hit badly by the pandemic. We used this business ‘down time’ to reinvent our business model and strategies. We are delighted that we have designed and launched successful online programmes for company managers in the Netherlands and far beyond. Each programme is adapted to the needs and cultural specifics so unique to each region, country and sector.

We strongly believe that in a vastly changed environment that has been propelled into technology driven solutions where speed and agility are key success factors, a hybrid form of knowledge sharing will provide the ideal learning format. I personally can’t wait to meet with my clients again and deal with case studies in dynamic group settings. But until that hybrid reality materialises, we provide a pretty good alternative and results to prove it.

Janet Poot