Our workshops, webinars, masterclasses, consulting and coaching sessions went online in 2020 and it now turns out that this was not for a short spell while we waited for the pandemic to disappear. The pandemic did not disappear and neither did working from home, interacting via our screens or being constantly conscious of social distancing.

I have learnt a great deal as we have transitioned to a different method of knowledge sharing and we continue to learn as we use new methods to achieve the ultimate goal of helping our clients to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to transform their roles and grow their businesses. My own role has changed and in fact, I have 4 roles to fulfil well when delivering online programmes successfully.

1st role: Disseminator of knowledge:
Create the circumstances, content and learning process for effective and relevant knowledge sharing

2nd role: Social facilitator:
Foster a trusted, friendly, social environment to facilitate group interaction and sharing of experiences

3rd role: Process manager:
Clarify expectations and objectives, timelines and procedural guidelines

4th role: Technical organiser:
Provider of the right technical platform, tools and security measures ensuring safety and ease of use

Janet Poot