Business Themes

Our areas of focus are interrelated and provide a strong agenda of development for managers in every economic sector.

We focus on 4 key business themes:

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Progressive Leadership

Key Topics:

There is big need for progressive leadership in our world that is currently characterised by a distance economy, volatility, changed business practices, digitalisation, unexpected partnerships. Business as usual is not an option and neither is leadership as usual. Our current reality is calling for an effective response. 

We advise on topics such as:

  • Setting direction
  • Upgrading business processes
  • Redesigning the business model and developing supporting strategies
  • Building resilient supply chains
  • Strengthening key resources
  • Achieving broad-based diversity
  • Modern team and intergenerational leadership
  • Key account management

Strategic & Inclusive Communication

Key Topics:

In fast-paced, diverse and complex business environments communication must be influential and appealing in content and delivery. In addition to this the EU accessibility Act requires that companies ensures their communication and communication channels are accessible to people with a disability. 

We advise on topics such as:

  • Influential speech
  • Purposeful communication that is aligned with the company’s objectives and mission
  • Intercultural communication skills
  • Advanced negotiation skills
  • Remote communication and the smart use of technology
  • Accessibility – please click here to read more on this key and rapidly growing area of our expertise

Change and Risk Management

Key Topics:

Achieving ongoing progress depends on the effectiveness of change and risk management as part of a company’s governance framework. If contingency plans are the key focus at this time, they will slow organisations down and jeopardise mid to long term success. Leading change and managing risk are skills that generate new opportunities in the face of uncertainty.We advise on topics such as:

  • Designing a case for change
  • Strategies and models that facilitate decision making and other key processes
  • Building support for change in different phases, settings and cultures
  • Risk management vs crisis management
  • Building resilience in processes and teams
  • New stakeholder management

Corporate Governance

Key Topics:

Effective governance is the key driver of success in highly competitive environments

We advise on topics such as:

  • Designing and implementing the pillars of organisational governance
  • Corporate governance and family-run businesses
  • Building a strong reputation through an effective ESG agenda
  • Achieving effective DEI practices
  • Developing a governance operating model