Maand: november 2019

Managing a Consultancy Business – Bucharest, Romania

It was a pleasure to be invited to Bucharest, Romania, by EBRD to lead a 3-day programme on Managing a Consultancy Business.  It was stimulating […]

Partnership politics

The topic of partnerships is often raised during our courses. Strategic alliances are becoming increasingly popular as businesses are expected to deliver a broader scope […]

A Different Kind of Leader – presentations to business clubs

Janet Poot has has been the keynote speaker at different business clubs ranging from Kiwanis club Laren, the Netherlands to Rotary Club Chisinau Cosmopolitan in […]

Central European Startup Awards in Bucharest, Romania

It was so stimulating to be at the grand finale of the Central European Startup Awards in Bucharest on 21 November 2019. Guests and futureshapers […]

Change Management for Consultants – Chisinau, Moldova

Janet Poot was pleased to lead a 4-day change management programme for EBRD in Chisinau, Moldova in September and November 2019. The participants were experienced […]