Business developments

Business developments

Online Brainstorming

Technology continues to change how colleagues interact with each other. It is difficult to establish whether technological advancement has boosted team performance but one area has proven […]

Is your corporate culture evolving in line with your company’s objectives and strategy?

Corporate culture is at the heart of every change initiative. Every workshop I lead on the topic of change management includes a section on corporate culture. I […]

Mind the gap

As managers reach the most senior positions they tend to lose sight of the immeasurable value of being in contact with employees at all levels […]

The Future of AI

The World Economic Forum has published a report on the future of AI. The world is experiencing the benefits of AI in areas such as […]


The European Commission has announced that geo-blocking will end on December 3, 2018. Geo-blocking is the system used to limit your access to the internet, […]

Management Consulting and Crowdsourcing

Management Consulting is an exciting world to be in and it is also a demanding one for consultants who must adapt to change quickly so […]

From Fake News to Deep Fakes

A new dimension to Reputation management Reputation management may soon include the topic of ‘deep fakes’. Deep fakes are potentially a much greater risk than […]

Future-proof Supervisory Boards

Every aspect of business is subject to notable change. This applies in no small measure to corporate governance. A current topic concerns board structures and […]

The Risks and Costs of Cybercrime

The internet’s speed, convenience, anonymity and the absence of borders make it possible for cybercrime to increase at a rapid pace. Companies are more vulnerable […]

The Independent Workforce

Recent research shows that the independent workforce is much larger and diverse than many official statistics suggest.  20 to 30 % of the working age […]