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1603, 2023

Audio Description

Audio Description One of the first audio describers, Joel Snyder, Ph.D., president of Audio Description Associates, is a true pioneer in the audio description field.  I was privileged to complete his excellent AD training in association with the American Council of the Blind.  Joel shared his expertise and vast experience with the [...]

2101, 2023

Purposeful business teaching

Financial Times publication:  ''Responsible Business Education – Award Winners 2023'' This FT publication contains valuable insights to challenge business leaders, business schools, students and employees. Here's a snapshot. Purposeful business teaching is the new norm. Employers and students are pushing business schools to either radically adapt their teachings and approach or risk being [...]

1206, 2022

Lecture for the European Blind Union

I was invited to deliver an interactive online lecture to the leading women of the European Blind Union. The participants were managers in Spain, Iceland, Sweden, Finland, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovak Republic and Poland.  They represented their national organisations for the blind and partially sighted and they too were blind, with [...]

3012, 2021

Remembering Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Professor Hlengiwe Mkhize

Remembering two remarkable people. I was honoured to meet and speak to archbishop Desmond Tutu at a small dinner event hosted by professor Hlengiwe Mkhize, former South African ambassador to the Netherlands. Desmond Tutu's memorable words that revealed his strength of character and compassion as well as his spontaneity and wonderful sense of humour [...]