2804, 2019

Online Brainstorming

Technology continues to change how colleagues interact with each other. It is difficult to establish whether technological advancement has boosted team performance but one area has proven to have become more effective and that is 'online brainstorming'. Thomas Chamorro-Premuzic, professor of business psychology at University College London and Columbia University, has written an interesting article on this topic, published [...]

2804, 2019

Is your corporate culture evolving in line with your company’s objectives and strategy?

Corporate culture is at the heart of every change initiative. Every workshop I lead on the topic of change management includes a section on corporate culture. I have discovered that many executives have all the right ideas when it comes to encouraging positive changes in their organisation's culture but they also tend to take short cuts in their attempt [...]

3103, 2019

Mind the gap

As managers reach the most senior positions they tend to lose sight of the immeasurable value of being in contact with employees at all levels of the organisation. It is this contact that helps them to understand and influence the corporate culture as well as make better strategic decisions. Occasional job shadowing is a [...]