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A Different Kind of Leader – 2 day Masterclass

Why this course?

A Different Kind of Leader is a two-day masterclass that provides valuable insights for business people who wish to increase their influence and facilitate ongoing progress in a disruptive, digitalised world. There is not just one correct way of leading people, transitions, projects or processes but to succeed today certain new expectations will have to be met in each of these roles.

What is the relevance of leaders in a world in which traditional business models are losing ground and innovation is driven more and more by cross functional, self-managed teams? This course opens the door to a different purpose and way of leading.

New organisational models, open workforces, changing team formats, talent scarcity, the use of advanced technology, broad-based diversity and continuously changing expectations are just some of the areas and circumstances that test our adaptability, resourcefulness and ability to drive progress.

The masterclass objectives, contents and method of delivery are all aimed at ensuring you leave the course feeling energised to put new insights, that are applicable to your circumstances, into practice. Practical steps, methods and tools will be shared to facilitate meaningful change and progress.

Course objectives, course contents, course dates and more:

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If you are keen to explore how you can increase your relevance and competencies in our challenging national and global environment and identify concrete opportunities applicable to your unique circumstances then this is a masterclass for you.

Embracing Change

For all details on this course, please download the course information and registration form HERE

Why this course?

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