Multigenerational business environments are becoming more common and this type of diversity has led to a focus on the differences between the generations and a fair amount of stereotyping. I believe that seeing differences predominantly as a limitation instead of an opportunity  has a highly restrictive impact on progress and achieving a competitive advantage. It enhances preconceived ideas and perceptions of the strengths and weakness of each generation in business settings. This is also noticeable in people’s perceptions of what kind of competence should be attributed to each age group.

Education and knowledge development investments in younger employees far exceed such investments made in older employees. Yet research shows that this is a high risk and costly strategy.

Young whiz kid entrepreneurs are seen as the safest investment bet, but here too research in recent years has highlighted the limitation of this perception. In fact, statistics show that middle-aged entrepreneurs are the most successful. They do not benefit from the same level of funding, yet prove they outclass their younger fellow entrepreneurs. I recommend this article:

Where do your opportunities lie within your organisation?

Written by Janet Poot